Thank You and Stay Tuned!

February 27, 2013

As of tonight, Hamilton City Council has officially selected Flamboro Downs as their preferred casino location. If no viable bids are submitted during the OLG's selection process, the location decision will return to Council, and they will be asked to consider other sites. (Likely not until 2015, if it happens)

While the OLG has said on numerous occasions that Flamboro Slots are very profitable, and we believe it will attract a number of bids, the door is still technically open for a Downtown casino. The track operation is reportedly close to some kind of solution, so we anticipate that racing will continue at Flamboro, although perhaps in a reduced capacity.

While we are disappointed that our efforts did not result in an unequivocal NO! to a downtown casino, we are very proud of the efforts of SO many across The New Hamilton. What we did accomplish was no small achievement. According to many we spoke with, they considered a downtown casino a done deal just a few short months ago. With limited resources, many facts, reports and studies and a bunch of passionate citizen volunteers, we forced City Council to pay attention and have a full discussion on the issue. And of course, it wasn't only this group, but countless others from the community, health, faith and business sectors who stood along with us.

Thank you to everyone: To those who volunteered time, skills and energy; To those who payed for flyers, signs, flags and buttons out of their own pocket; To those who quickly raised funds for and contributed to a full-page newspaper ad; To those businesses and organizations who stuck their neck out on this issue and wrote letters of support early on when few others had; and to those who engaged their friends, family, neighbours and of course Councillors in discussion and made them realise that a casino isn't all fun and games, that people would be put at risk, and that there were jobs to be lost in this deal, not gained.

A special thanks to the folks from Downtown and Flamborough, who came together on an important issue for both communities. The New Hamilton is has turned an economic corner, and perhaps we have turned a corner on becoming a more unified City as well.

Please stay engaged and connected. We will no doubt be very active in the coming months in preparation for what may turn to be the second phase of the No Downtown Hamilton Casino campaign.

In the mean time, enjoy The New Hamilton.