• Warren Buffett on Gambling

    Warren Buffet on Gambling - The Parable of St. Bernard Billionaire Warren Buffet talks about government-run casinos and how they puts the government in the position of preying on their citizens. He compares casinos to drug pushers. "I don't think the state ought to become the sponsor of spreading addiction".
  • Hamilton Talks (December 6, 2012)

    Host Larry DiIanni and Local Activist Graham Crawford discuss the potential impacts of a Casino in downtown Hamilton. Crawford cites studies that say there will be no significant financial upside to a casino, but there will be a significant social downside. DiIanni counters with anecdotal evidence and speculation.
  • Gambling as a Health Hazard

    David McKeown, Toronto Medical Officer of Health, discusses his report on how the establishment of a new casino in Toronto would affect public health. McKeown argues public health issues related to problem gambling would significantly increase in the provincial capital if a casino were to be situated there.